There are various type of massage that a person can choose according to the comfort, need and the technique applied.

The most common massage used is Swedish massage therapy. It help alleviate muscle tension and improve blood flow in the muscle and skin.

Deep tissue massage target inner layer of muscle and connective tissue. This type of massage is used in treatment of painful muscle, postural problem and recovery from an injury.

Sport massage focus on people that are involve in physical activities. It aim at warming up muscle, assist in training, prevention of injury and assist in healing.

Reflexology massage applies pressure, allows stretching and movement on pressure points on the feet that correspond to organ and system in the body.

Heat stone massage uses hot smooth stone that are placed on specific body points to warm up and loosen tight muscle. It treats muscle tension.

Pregnancy massage reduces swelling, stress, pain and increases circulation of blood in both pregnant and those who have given birth.

Shiatsu massage applies pressure and hold key point in the body to treat blockage condition and restore flow of energy in different body parts.

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